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Spring 2015 Issue


The University of Huddersfield’s researchers are committed to solving the problems and answering the questions posed by industry, science and society as a whole.

Our magazine, Discover, tells the stories behind our research and highlights the impact this work has on the world we all live in.

Join the discussions around our research:

Professor Liz Towns-Andrews
Director of Research and Enterprise

Exploring the Battle of Waterloo through arms and armour

The Arms and Armour Research Institute (AARI) consists of a multidisciplinary team of academics from a range of subject areas including History, Archaeology, Forensic and Materials Science. Bringing these areas together fosters high quality research with a collaborative outlook, focusing on the discovery and analysis of military weaponry and historical sites, with a particular emphasis on using cutting edge science and technology breakthroughs to carry out this research. Read more

Innovative rail research – in industry and education

The Institute of Railway Research (IRR) carries out innovative, world-leading research into the interaction between railway vehicles and the track. This work is helping the railway industry to reduce costs and improve safety levels by furthering the understanding of how wheels interact with the track and the resulting deterioration due to wear and tear caused by high stresses. Read more

Using pomegranates to help dementia sufferers

Researchers based within the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Group (PSRG) have been investigating how a natural compound, found in pomegranates, can slow the onset of ‌ Alzheimer’s disease. Led by Dr Olumayokun Olajide (a specialist in the anti-inflammatory properties of natural products), this two year project has also found that the painful inflammation that accompanies illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease could be reduced. Read more

Inter-disciplinary research in global disaster resilience

Part of the School of Art, Design and Architecture, the Global Disaster Resilience Centre (GDRC) carries out research, education and advocacy activities to help improve the resilience of nations and communities to disasters. GDRC’s work focuses on the role of the built environment: how the design, development and management of buildings, spaces and places can be used to increase resilience. Read more

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