Spring/Summer 2014

Spring/Summer 2014

03_Pic1The University of Huddersfield’s researchers are committed to solving the problems and answering the questions posed by industry, science and society as a whole.

Our new magazine, Discover, tells the stories behind our research and highlights the impact this work has on the world we all live in.

Join the discussions around our research:

Professor Liz Towns-Andrews
Director of Research and Enterprise

Entrepreneurial success stories

Regional and national impact in the field of entrepreneurship and enterprise. Read more

Young people out of work and education

Challenging conceptions of young people on the margins of education and work. Read more

How early man moved across the globe

Developing mitochondrial DNA to reconstruct the dispersal history of mankind. Read more

New thermal methods for materials processing

Improving manufacturing processes and developing new compounds. Read more

Flow-handling system research

Improving productivity and sales for industrial partners. Read more

Improving the lives of asthma sufferers

Key research into how people use inhalers and the difficulties they encounter. Read more

Improving access to support in mental health

Developing and evaluating new self-help interventions. Read more

The writings of Lady Anne Clifford

Challenging cultural and gender stereotypes whilst exploring literary influence.  Read more

Saving time and energy

Improving machine tool accuracy and using virtual reality programmes. Read more

Pioneering accelerator research

Developing the world’s first ns-FFAG accelerator (EMMA). Read more

A new student response system

Next-generation student response system (SRS) supported by Edumecca. Read more

Response and prevention of child sexual abuse in the Caribbean

Developing awareness, policies and child protection programmes. Read more

Designing out crime

Reducing burglary rates by more than half in specially designed homes. Read more

Innovative Physical Organic Solutions

Improvements in chemical manufacturing and developing new inhibitors. Read more