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Winter 2015 Issue


The University of Huddersfield’s researchers are committed to solving the problems and answering the questions posed by industry, science and society as a whole.

Our magazine, Discover, tells the stories behind our research and highlights the impact this work has on the world we all live in.

Join the discussions around our research:

Professor Liz Towns-Andrews
Director of Research and Enterprise

Getting ready for Rio In 2016 the Olympic Games take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and millions of spectators from around the world will be watching.  Long before the world’s elite athletes take to their sporting stage, there is a huge amount of work involved in planning such an event. Read more

Imagine – connecting communities through research From reggae beats and Bhangra drums to modern day interpretations of historical art and urban regeneration, the Imagine programme brings together academics and community groups from across the UK and Europe to influence positive change in communities through research. Read more

Developing a greater understanding of the treatment of wounds and skin defects The University of Huddersfield has developed a partnership with Avita Medical Ltd, a regenerative medicine company specializing in the treatment of wounds and skin defects. Read more

New smart database aids industry A huge expansion in the quantity and complexity of international standards is an increasingly serious issue in fields such as advanced engineering. Read more

New publications from the University of Huddersfield Press The University of Huddersfield Press was established in 2007 to provide an outlet for publication for University authors and to encourage new and aspiring authors to publish in their areas of subject expertise.  Read more

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